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Newest Additions to the Flying Colors Fleet

Piper Arrow II
Cessna Skyhawk II

Winnipeg's Flying Colors Offers Only Complex Single in Manitoba Market

22 October 2003 (Winnipeg, Manitoba) - Flying Colors Pilot Training today announced the latest additions to its aircraft fleet at Winnipeg International Airport: a Piper PA28R-200 Arrow II and a Cessna C172P Skyhawk II.

The Arrow is a retractable, low wing, complex single engine 4-place aircraft. The Skyhawk is the most ubiquitous aircraft in general aviation.

[IMAGE] Cessna Skyhawk C-GMKV
Piper Arrow C-GJKU
Ubiquitous Cessna Skyhawk
High Performance Retractable Piper Arrow

"The Arrow meets the complex aircraft requirements for our advanced and integrated training programs." explained Michael Bland, General Manager and Chief Flight Instructor at Flying Colors.

Flying Colors PA28R-200 IFR Training Aircraft
Arrow Full Digital IFR Panel
"It is extremely well-equipped and bridges the gap between our 2-place Katanas and Perimeter's multi-engine Beech Travelair. Many of our pilots are already planning to upgrade their skills, obtain their single-engine IFR ratings and obtain valuable retractible-gear experience. The Cessna provides a familiar, easy to fly utility platform. Both aircraft are IFR certified and are available for training, rental and block time bookings."

"These are great traveling planes, super for weekend trips and very nice handling!" said Flying Colors President Michael Gillespie"The Piper Arrow is a good performer and carries four people at little additional cost. This will be a very popular option for groups and long trips. The combination of high speed and range is hard to beat! The Skyhawk is  perhaps the most popular touring aircraft of all time. It is a reliable, economical heavy hauler - very simple to fly!"

Flying Colors delivers its award-winning aviation programs from its location at Winnipeg International Airport using the most modern and best-equipped training aircraft available. All flight training is Transport Canada approved and is performed to international ICAO standards. All programs are open to Canadians as well as international and American students.

The Piper Arrow is available now and the Cessna Skyhawk will be online in December. For further information on rentals, checkouts or training, contact Flying Colors>.

Piper PA28R-200 Arrow II Cessna C172P Skyhawk II
Powerplant Lycoming IO360-C1C 200HP Fuel-Injected  Lycoming O320-D2J 160HP 
Hartzell 3-Blade Constant Speed Propellor McCauley 2-Blade Propellor
Configuration 4-Seats plus 200 lb Baggage Area 4-Seats plus 120 lb Baggage Area
Automatic Retractable Tricycle Gear Fixed Tricycle Gear
Performance 157kt Max; 144kt Cruise;  56kt Stall; 782nm Range 119kt Max; 115kt Cruise;  51kt Stall; 875nm Range
910 fpm  700 fpm 
Features King Digital IFR: Dual Nav/Com VOR, ILS, DME, ADF, Loran, Mode-C Xpndr Cessna Digital IFR: Dual Nav/Com VOR, ILS,  ADF, Mode-C Xpndr
Autocontrol III Autopilot with Nav/Approach coupler  
Electronic Engine Analyzer  
Super Arrow Extended Wing Configuration   
Long Range 50g Fuel Tanks Long Range 62g Fuel Tanks
Payload 933 lbs Useful Load; 645 lbs w/Full Fuel 874 lbs Useful Load; 501 lbs w/Full Fuel

Flying Colors Pilot Training

Since opening its location at Winnipeg International Airport, Flying Colors Pilot Training has earned international recognition and awards for its innovative training approach. Flying Colors uses state-of-the-art Diamond Katana and Beech Travelair aircraft in partnership with Perimeter Aviation, Canada's top Multi-IFR specialist. Flying Colors also uses Canada's first Transport Canada certified Level 3 Flight Training Device. More information is available online at the company's website at