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New Training Alliance Designed to Produce Airline-ready Pilots
APFTS Offers Multi-Crew Jet Transition Program & Boeing B737 Type Rating

9 November 2002 (Las Vegas NV) - The Association of Professional Flight Training Schools (APFTS)  and Aeroservice, Inc.  today announced a training alliance between the two aviation-training organizations designed to prepare pilots for airline employment.

Boeing B737The new course will be offered bi-monthly beginning in February 2003 announced APFTS President Captain Terry Fensome. "This program will be approved for credit under the Bachelor of Science in Aviation degree program offered by Association member schools", he said.

Developed in partnership with Aeroservice Inc. and Everglades College, the course will help students make the transition between small, piston -powered airplane training environments and the high-performance, turbine powered airline environment. The program includes both Multi-Crew Jet Transition and a B737 Type training.

"We're ready for students and pilots at any stage of their training and experience", stated Captain Terry Fensome. "If they need licenses or ratings up through the commercial pilot license with multi-engine and instrument ratings, they will train at any of our member schools and then move on seamlessly to Aeroservice. If they already have these ratings, and meet certain other requirements, they will go directly to Aeroservice for full-motion, twin-jet flight simulator training. A 250 hour pilot will be able to complete a Boeing 737 First Officer rating while a 1,200 pilot can obtain a full B373 type rating. The courses are almost the same, the difference is really just one of proficiency."

Simulator Bay"I think it's safe to say that no other school has a program like this", said Captain Vito LaForgia, President of Aeroservice, Inc. "The full motion flight simulator equipment we use sets us apart, as does the sophistication and experience of our people - from the instructors to the program directors. These are seasoned professionals with extensive airline experience, in some cases over 30 years. From top to bottom, it's a very airline-oriented program."

"It's a win-win situation" explains Carlos Gamundi, Vice President of Marketing at Aeroservice. "We're helping pilots qualify faster for airline employment with the very best training available. We're also helping airlines meet their requirements for the kind of new hires they're looking for."

Berton Beach, Vice President, Operations with Aeroservice said the course is offered exclusively to students of APFTS schools. The course outline is as follows:

Scheduled Days
Scheduled Hours
Basic Jet Indoctrination
3 Days
24 Hours
Boeing B737 Airplane Systems & Procedures
14 Days
80 Hours
Basic Jet Instrument Flying B737 Full Flight Simulator
3 Days
10 Hours
Boeing B737 Maneuvers & Procedures to FAA Practical Test Standards
(Includes B737-200 FAA Type Rating Check) *
4 Days
16 Hours
Total Time in Training
24 Days
130 Hours

Candidates will enter the program with a minimum of a Commercial Pilot License with Multi-Engine and Instrument ratings.
* Pilots with a minimum flight time of 250 hours will obtain a B737 First Officer rating.
* Pilots with a minimum flight time of 1,200 hours will obtain a B737 type rating.
Entrance requirements vary for Canadian and non-US candidates; contact APFTS for program details.
The program cost will be US$7,500. Accomodations are not included but may be available at US$750.

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The Association of Professional Flight Training Schools

The Association of Professional Flight Training Schools (APFTS), an international not for profit membership association, strives to ensure that its member flight schools are the recognized leaders in developing, validating and delivering professional flight training to the highest possible standards for the flying public. More information is available at the Association's web site

Aeroservice Inc.

Aeroservice, Inc. is an industry leader in airline flight simulator training since 1976. Using a modern fleet of A-300, DC-10, B-737-200/300, B-747-200, DC-8, FH-227, 727 and BAC 1-11 Flight Simulators, Fixed Training Devices, as well as Cabin and Door trainers, Aeroservice trains pilots for over 50 airlines at two facilities in Miami, Florida and Dayton, Ohio. More information is available online at the company's website at or by phone at (800) 752-SIMS or by fax at (305) 871-5553.


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