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Canadian Mennonite University Collaborates with Flying Colors Pilot Training

CMU Main Campus
CMU Main Campus
30 April 2003 (Winnipeg, Manitoba) - Canadian Mennonite University (CMU) today announced its Integrated Aviation and Baccalaureate Program delivered in cooperation with Flying Colors Pilot Training. The program consists of a comprehensive commercial pilot flight-training module integrated with a baccalaureate degree program.

Canadian Mennonite University and Flying Colors Pilot Training cooperatively developed and deliver this program. The objective is to prepare pilots with superior capabilities. The 2001 Human Resource Study of Commercial Pilots in Canada, reporting survey results in its section on hiring criteria, states that "many operators indicated a preference for college and university graduates," and "in focus groups, air operators said they believed that college or university graduates would generally make better pilots because they had acquired more broad-based skills, especially non-technical skills".

Flying Colors DA20 Training Aircraft
Flying Colors DA20 Training Aircraft      
The integrated program will begin in September 2003. Normally the program requires four years to complete. Students will earn their Private Pilot certification, Commercial Pilot's License, Multi-Engine and Instrument Ratings at Flying Colors, and a three-year baccalaureate degree at CMU. Degree programs available for integration with the aviation training are the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Theology or Bachelor of Church Ministries.

Flying Colors delivers its award-winning aviation program from its location at Winnipeg International Airport using the most modern and best-equipped training aircraft available. All flight training is Transport Canada approved and is performed to international ICAO standards. The program is open to all Canadians as well as international and American students.

"Our new cooperative program with Flying Colors presents another exciting option for students," said Wesley Toews, Assistant Dean at CMU. "Now they may draw on the resources of these two student-oriented, innovative institutions to prepare themselves for vocations as pilots of exceptional skill and character."

Pilatus PC12 on dirt runway
Objective:  To prepare pilots of exceptional skill and character.
"Aviation in today's world presents many challenges, at all levels!" explained Flying Colors president, Michael Gillespie. "The CMU program uniquely prepares our pilots to understand and interact constructively in response to conflict situations at the personal, local and global levels. Our graduates will find their skills and knowledge valued in many contexts which involve justice, peace, communication, culture, conflict transformation and dispute resolution."

"All commercial pilots must meet the same minimum government standards in Canada," said Michael Bland, General Manager and Chief Flight Instructor at Flying Colors. "But, this very unique program offers our students an exceptional opportunity to set themselves apart from the crowd, to develop and exhibit those leadership, ethical and communications qualities which are so valuable in today's industry."

The Manitoba Aviation Council congratulated CMU and Flying Colors Pilot Training on the announcement of their new program. Fred Petrie, Executive Director, reports that development of aviation training has been a major focus of the Council's activities, with completion of two major studies.  "The new CMU-Flying Colors degree program, developing aviation's leaders of tomorrow, certainly supports the direction of industry development. It is an important initiative in supporting our industry's continuing growth."

In order to enhance their essential skills, students must include twenty-four credit hours of specified ancillary courses in arts, social science, and science within their baccalaureate degree programs. Interested students should contact CMU Admissions for more information. Students with pre-existing flight experience should contact the Flying Colors Chief Flight Instructor for prior credit information.

Integrated Aviation and Baccalaureate Program
Year 1 Private Pilot Certification and Commercial Pilot Course at Flying Colors
(15 credit-hours)
18 credit-hours at CMU
Year 2 Multi-Engine & Instrument Ratings and Commercial Pilot License at Flying Colors
(15 credit-hours)
18 credit-hours at CMU
Years 3-4 48 credit-hours at CMU
  6 credit-hour practicum (Internship in the aviation industry)
Required Courses: 
24 credit hours as follows:
81.103/3 Introduction to Computer Science I
EITHER 81.104/3 Introduction to Computer Science II
OR        82.100/3 Introduction to Calculus
82.101/3 Vector Geometry and Linear Algebra
32.100/3 Introduction to Physical Geography
41.100/6 Introduction to Psychology
20.110/6 Introduction to Conflict Transformation Studies
Entrance Requirements: Meet CMU's general entrance requirements including Physics 40S.
Be 17 years old by the second semester
Possess a Transport Canada Category 1 Medical Certificate

Canadian Mennonite University

Canadian Mennonite University is an innovative Christian university, located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Chartered by the Province of Manitoba in 1998, Canadian Mennonite University builds on a foundation of over fifty years of Mennonite higher education in the province. At its main campus, CMU offers degree programs in arts, theology, and music. All academic programs include substantial requirements in Biblical and Theological Studies, thus providing significant content for the critical engagement of faith with all other areas of knowledge. Flying Colors is located at Winnipeg International Airport, only ten minutes from CMU's main campus. More information is available online at CMU's website at or by phone at (204) 487-3300, by fax at (204) 487-3858 or toll-free at (877) 231-4570.

Flying Colors Pilot Training

Since opening its location at Winnipeg International Airport, Flying Colors Pilot Training has earned international recognition and awards for its innovative training approach. Flying Colors uses state-of-the-art Diamond Katana and Beech Travelair aircraft in partnership with Perimeter Aviation, Canada's top Multi-IFR specialist. Flying Colors also uses Canada's first Transport Canada certified Level 3 Flight Training Device. More information is available online at the company's website at


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