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Introduction to Aviation

1 CR - 110 Hours


Aerodynamics - 5 Hours

I.1 Basic Theory of Flight - Bernoulli's Theorem and Newton's laws

I.2 Forces Acting on an Aeroplane - Lift / Drag - Relationship of Lift to Drag

I.3 Angle of Attack - Thrust - Weight - Equilibrium - Centre of Pressure

I.4 Centrifugal Centripetal Forces.

Mechanics of Aircraft - 5 Hours
I.5 Airframes - Types of Construction -Handling - Care and Securing
Knowledge of Air Law - 25 Hours
I.9 Working Knowledge of Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs)
I.10 Working Knowledge of Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP)
Meteorology - 30 Hours
I.11 The Earth's Atmosphere - The Standard Atmosphere - Composition and Physical Properties
I.12 Vertical Structures

I.13 Density and Pressure - Mobility - Expansion and Compression

I.14 Altimetry - Pressure Altitude - Density Altitude

Psychology of Pilot Decisions - Human Factors - 10 Hours
I.15 Aviation Physiology - Hypoxia /Hyperventilation

I.16 Gas Expansion - Effects of Trapped Gases - Decompression

I.17 Vision and Visual Scanning Techniques

I.18 Hearing

I.19 Orientation / Disorientation - Visula / Vestibular Illusions
Navigation - 30 hours
I.20 Definitions
I.21 Maps and Charts Characteristic of Projections - Transverse Mercator (VTA) -Lambert Conformal Conic (VNC) - Lambert Conformal Conic (WAC)

I.22 Topographical Symbols - Elevation and Contours - Scale / Units of Measurement

Level III Flight Training Device - 5 Hours

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