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Safety & Human Factors

1 CR - 110 Hours


First Aid - 30 Hours
IV.1 Accident Prevention/safety
IV.2 First Aid/CPR

IV.3 First Aid in the Work place

IV.4 Wilderness First Aid
The Pilot and the Operating Environment - 30 Hours
IV.5 Personal Health/Fitness
IV.6 Diet/Nutrition

IV.7 Heat/Cold + Noise/Vibration Effect on Pilot performance

IV.8 Aviation effects of drugs and alcohol

Aviation Psychology/Pilot Decision Making - 30 Hours IV.11 The Decision Making Process
IV.12 Situational Awareness

IV.13 Stress

IV.14 Workload-Attention and information processing

Aviation Physiology Human Factors - 30 Hours
IV.15 Aviation Physiology - Hypoxia /Hyperventilation

IV.16 Gas Expansion - Effects of Trapped Gases - Decompression

IV.17 Vision and Visual Scanning Techniques

IV.18 Hearing

IV.19 Orientation / Disorientation - Visula / Vestibular Illusions

Level III Flight Training Device - 5 Hours

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