Volume 13 Number 2  March/April 2003

Front of the class

Flying Colors Pilot Training of Winnipeg, Manitoba, is offering Canada's first-ever high school cirriculum Commercial Pilot studies in partnership with St. James Assiniboia School Division.

Launched in the fall of 2002 as a two year "pilot" project, the eight credit program is currently offered free of cost at Sturgeon Creek Collegiate to any Manitoba resident student under the age of 22. If the program proves successful, the course should be approved province-wide, allowing other schools to integrate Commercial Pilot ground school studies into their own curriculum.

Under the present course cirriculum, students receive a total of 550 hours of ground school training worth five high school credits, and an optional selection of regular academic course worth three credits. The two and  a half year program also includes 25 hours of dual instruction in a level three flight training device (FTD), which can be counted towards Private and Commercial license training. While in excess of Transport Canada Private and Commercial ground school requirements, studies are not geared just for pilots, but provide a solid foundation for other aviation careers such as maintenance, airline operations, meteorology or air navigation services.

Flying Colors flight school offers Private, Commercial and Flight Instructor courses on Diamond DA20 Katanas and Transport Canada approved FTD's. They also administer multi-engine instrument ratings in partnership with Perimeter Aviation.

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