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Canada's First Commercial Pilot High School Program Announced

Winnipeg's Flying Colors Pilot Training Partners with School Division

8 March 2002 (Winnipeg, Manitoba) - Manitoba's Department of Education, Training and Youth has approved Canada's first High School Commercial Pilot Aviation Ground School.

Corrigan, Head & Gillespie at Press Conference The St. James Assiniboia School Division will launch the new course this fall. The eight-credit program will get off the ground at Sturgeon Creek Collegiate, announced assistant superintendent Dorothy Young. "Students who enroll are well on their way to becoming pilots", she said. The program is open to any Manitoba resident student 21 years of age or below, free of tuition cost.

Developed in partnership with Flying Colors Pilot Training, five of the eight credits are based on Transport Canada's curriculum and will exceed the ground school requirements for commercial pilot training. Each of these courses will include five hours of dual instruction on Canada's only certified Level 3 Flight Training Device. Upon completion of the first credit course and five hours of optional aircraft flight time, students will be able to write the Transport Canada Private Pilot written examination. The remaining three credits will be computer application and computer hardware based courses.

Level 3 Flight Training Device Brian Head, principal of the division's continuing education division said the courses have been planned for three years. He expects about 28 students will enroll the first year, many from other school divisions. "Aviation is a growing sector in the global economy and the industry is expected to double within the next decade. Commercial Pilot Ground School graduates will think critically, communicate effectively, and participate meaningfully and ethically in the exciting field of aviation."

Flying Colors president, Michael Gillespie, is very proud to be a continuing partner with the school division. "This program will be important to the future of Manitoba's aviation industry. It is designed to give our high school students credit for aviation related studies and provide a head start on training towards a commercial pilot licence. The program eliminates the initial costs of training which has always been a primary threshold of access for many new students."

"A commercial pilot requires extensive training in knowledge, skills and experience" said James Greaves, Chief Flight Instructor for Flying Colors. "The Sturgeon Creek courses will cover the knowledge requirements. A student should be able to complete the skills portion at a flight school of their choice."

Sturgeon Creek vice-principal Brent Corrigan says "The average age of a Canadian pilot is 52 and the need for pilots continues to expand." But he also pointed out that the courses not only prepare students to move onto commercial pilot training, but provide a basic preparation for more than 50 other aviation careers such as maintenance, engineering and meteorology.

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5 D 5 D 5 D 5 D 5 D
5 D 7 D 18 S 10 S 25 D 20 S 10 S 40 P 50 P


Core Components:
COURSE Aviation Course 
D Hours, Dual FTD Time
Optional Components: 
D Hours, Dual Flight Time
S Hours, Solo Flight Time
P Hours, PIC Flight Time
PPAER Private Pilot Written Exam
PPL-A Private Pilot Flight Test
CPAER Commercial Pilot Written Exam
CPL-A Commercial Pilot Flight Test
IAV20S Introduction to Aviation (Private Pilot)
CP30S Commercial Pilot: Aviation Ground School
MN30S Meteorology & Navigation
SHF40S Safety & Human Factors
AAV40S Advanced Aviation Ground School
Notes: Flight Times shown are Transport Canada minimums
Exams & Flight Tests are shown at earliest stage possible
Optional items are not required to obtain HS credits
Optional items are required to obtain licences
Aviation Courses are 110 hours and 1 Credit each 

For information, additional academic requirements, to transfer from another school division or to register,
please contact Bonnie Henderson or Norm Gould at the St. James School Division at (204) 888-0684

For information on flight training options or advanced placement please contact Flying Colors Pilot Training

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